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2013 series

January Ornament Pattern Only $7.95


January Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95

January Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

January Orn Kit $37

January Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

January Necklace Kit $30
  January Garnet Birthstone Garnet & Gold seed beads, garnet fire polish and golden glass pearls


January Bracelet & Earring of the Month Club REAL GOLD! 24kt Matte Gold Delicas and Gold Arum crystals make this set extra special. Bracelet has a gold-tone fold-over magnetic clasp and is easily stitched to any size wrist up to 9".


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

February Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95

February Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

February Orn Kit $37

February Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

February Necklace Kit $30
  Febraury Amethyst Birthstone Gorgeous dark amethyst AB Bugles and Fire Polish
Silver beads create a wonderful, almost chain maile look and the jet black bicone crystals complete a classic - wear with everything combination. Necklace is 19" long bracelet can be stitched n any size needed and the earrings are 1.25" long.


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

March Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95

March Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

March Orn Kit $37

March Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

March Necklace Kit $30
  March Aqua Marine Birthstone Shimmering Aqua ab bugles and Fire Polish accented by crystals, glass disks, and silver on a silver and white 2" ball.
Copper beads are stitched into a supple box chain herringbone with "braided" accent sections of seed beads, bugles and fire polish. The box chain is repeated in the delightful 1.5" dangle earrings with flirty fringe.


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

April Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95


April Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

April Orn Kit $37

April Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

April Necklace Kit $30
  April Diamond Birthstone Gold with Crystal Bicones, AB Rounds and Fire Polish
Marcasite style Wow! this set is stunning! Bracelet is easy ladder stitch, the earings and the 18" necklace feature beaded beads 1.5" dangle earrings


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

May Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95


May Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

May Orn Kit $37

May Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

May Necklace Kit $30
  May Emerald Birthstone Gold with Emerald Bicones & Fire Polish

Gold bicones, camel seeds and golden pearls glow with glorious elegance.20" necklace, 1"earrings


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

June Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95


June Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

June Orn Kit $37

June Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

June Necklace Kit $30
  June Pearl & alexandrite Birthstone Pearls, bicones fire polish,
Muted silver/steel seeds in several sizes create wonderful texture .18" necklace, 1"earrings
July Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

July Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95

July Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

July Orn Kit $37

July Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

July Necklace Kit $30
  July Ruby Birthstone bicones, daggers, fire polish, & hearts

Magical combination of copper and seafoam turqouise fire polish.19" necklace, 2 "earrings.


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

August Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95

August Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

August Orn Kit $37

August Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

August Necklace Kit $30
  August Peridot Birthstone bicones, Seeds, fire polish
Glowing amber glass rounds and shimmering gold beads .19" necklace, 1.25 "earrings.


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

September Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95

September Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

September Orn Kit $37

September Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

September Necklace Kit $30
  September Sapphire Birthstone bicones, Seeds, fire polish
Pewter & Pearls Right Angle Bracelet & simply strung multi strand necklace 21" necklace, 1.5 "earrings.


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

October Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95


October Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

October Orn Kit $37

October Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

October Necklace Kit $30
  October Pink Tourmaline Birthstone bicones, Seeds, fire polish
Camel & Bronze seed boxchain core with bugle, bicones, seeds, fire polish swirls.


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

November Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95


November Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

November Orn Kit $37

November Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

November Necklace Kit $30
  November Citrine Birthstone bicones, Seeds, fire polish
Tiny cubes with a gorgeous matte mettalic irdescent finish are paired with blush copper and steel seed beads the picture just can't capture how pretty this is!


Ornament Pattern Only $7.95

December Bracelet & Earring Pattern Only $7.95


December Necklace Pattern Only $7.95

December Orn Kit $37

December Bracelet & Earring Kit $32

December Necklace Kit $30
  December Turquoise Birthstone bicones, Seeds, fire polish, bugles
These are adorable They remind me of the Frost Feathers that used to form on our windows before they invented double pane and triple-E storm windows

Individual kits will contain the pattern and everything you need to complete the ornament projects: Step by step instructions with full color photos. High quality Japanese seed and bugle beads, crystals, Czech pressed glass, glass pearls, thread, and Beadalon spacer bars. English needles

No ornaments or display stands in individual kits, you may still sign up for monthly delivery that will include balls and stands please see below


Individual kits include the pattern with Step by step instructions, full color photos and everything needed to complete the projects. Jewelry for 2013 will feature metal tones that may include gold, silver, copper, bronze, gunmetal, and steel They may be accented with a pop of color. Highest quality Japanese Dura-coat & permanent finish metal tone seed beads. The accent beads include metal, crystal, pearl, or glass. The popular fold-over magnetic clasps will continue.

You may still sign up for monthly kit delivery if desired, please see below


Ornament Club payment options with or without a paypal account
If you prefer, call with your credit card order information 215-368-1736 or call if you would like to make other payment arrangements


email: beadpatterns@aol.com