Patterns to Bead
by Deb Moffett-Hall

8's are Great: Peyote

10 to 15: Herringbone
Bali Jasper: Stringing
Floating Rounds: Cobra Stitch

Golden Wave: Peyote
Gold Moon: Peyote
Herring Bone Braid: Herringbone
Pearl Berry : Stringing


Pearl Duo: Herringbone

Silver Lace: R.A.W
Wave Spacer : Stringing
I Cant Believe its Beads: Peyote
Gold & Chocolate: Peyote
Wrapped Wire:R.A.W
Tulip: Peyote
Ukrainian: Peyote
Leafy Pearl: Peyote
Grape Leaves:Peyote
His 'N Hers: Herringbone
Elegant Daisy: Peyote
Bicycle Chain: R.A.W
Evening 8s are great
Hearts & Ribbon

Crystal ladder

Flat Herringbone: Herringbone
Cobbelstones: Peyote
Bronze & Silver Bugle Cuff
Quick Silver 8's
Purple Hex & Crystals
Sun Chips : Netting
Quick & Easy Cobra
Unisex Cobra Chain

Hot Hot Hex: Peyote